1978-10-08 - New York, NY
Zu Concert
A 12 Hour Manifestival Of Progressive Music

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1978-10-08 - New York, NY - Entermedia Theatre - aud (25m)
Bill Laswell, George Bishop, Michael Beinhorn, Fred Maher, Dennis Weise, Michael Lawrence

1) intro (9:47)
audience (0:09)
3) audience (cont.) (0:09)
4) unknown 1 (4:55)
5) unknown 2 (10:54) *

* "Zu Band...Zu...We'll have a short break and then Mother Gong and Gong will play."

Source: AUD>Ukn. equipment>trade tape Circ-1980> bottom of box in back of closet>nakamichi 480ZB/S>HK CDR 26.
[Bill laswell and ZU house-GONG New York City NY Zu House Manifestival October 8th 1978] Dime torrent (unsigned).
No SBE's - true lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by show poster (see above).

Show listed on
Calyx website (Zu House - Zu Manifestival).
New York Gong, Dr. Space and Yochk'o Seffer sets also circulating.
Other acts were Blinding Headache, Theoretical Girls, Frith/Cutler/Blegvad/Swan and a panel discussing progressive music. More on this event here and here.
Needs retracking.
Same recording as the show seeded as
1979-05-22 - Ann Arbor, MI - Second Chance. It is unknown which one is the correct date-and venue.

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