1985-05-04 - San Diego, CA
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1985-05-04 - San Diego, CA - The Spirit Club - aud (85m) (2cd)
Steve Vai, Chris Frazer, Stu Hamm

1) introduction (0:33) *
2) Viv Woman (5:00) **
3) Steve's intro rap (1:01) ***
4) Viv Woman (end) (0:18)
5) Salamanders In The Sun (3:23)
6) Answers (3:36) $
7) The Riddle > Call It Sleep (7:22)
8) No Pockets (5:58)
9) tuning (0:50)
10) Ballerina (3:39)
11) bass solo (7:46)
12) Heavy Mental (4:07)
13) guitar solo (3:29)
14) guitar solo (cont.) (4:50)
15) Greensleeves (2:30)
16) Groovy Things (4:50)
17) Sisters (4:34)
18) God Bless Video (instrumental version) (5:20) =
19) Black Napkins (3:55)
20) Variations (5:19) +

21) The Attitude Song (7:00) ?

* "Ready to hear the master guitar player in the United States? The Spirit proudly presents Chris Frazer on drums, Stu Hamm on bass and Steve...Steve Vai, 777".
** With an intro. "Right...hello San Diego".
*** "...Alcatrazz is preparing to go out on the road tour, we start in June and we'll be down here, hope to se you at that show but this here is my Pet Project...".
$ With a theme that's also in "Little Green men" (also shared by "The Riddle").
= "I gotta say we've got, Alcatraz has a new record out it's called Disturbing The Peace...on that record is a song called Glod Bless Video...".
+ "I gotta...I gotta tell you something...I was a little...I was a little nervous coming back to San Diego again because I was here once before with Alcatrazz".
? "Steve Vai, ladies and the way before you leave Steve Vai's gotta an album at the door here, it's called Flexable, check it out".

Source: Unknown Gen (low?) - Maxell XLII-S Tape > Sony TC-WE805S Deck > TDK DA-3826 > CD-R > PC > Wav > Traders Little Helper Flac level 8 > dimeadozen.
[Steve Vai 1985-05-04 The Spirit Club San Diego, Calif] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by mcshocchoc.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on Etree database.
"I received this tape in trade many years ago. Doing some research about this gig I found that a bootleg lp was made from most of this set. This is the complete show, tape source. There are clips up on youtube that are pulled from the vinyl bootleg. From what I heard on youtube it is from this same source...".

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