1984-04-27 - Los Angeles, CA
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1984-04-27 - Los Angeles, CA - Beverley Theatre - aud (43m)
Steve Vai, Chris Frazer, Stu Hamm, Tommy Mars, Sue Mathis

1) Viv Woman (5:04) *
2) ? (3:40)
3) Salamanders In The Sun (2:13)
4) Lighter Shade Of Green (0:59)
5) Answers (3:46) **
6) The Riddle (2:32)
7) Call It Sleep (4:55)
8) ? (4:16)
9) ? (7:47) ***
10) No Pockets (4:00)
11) Junkie (4:43) $

* "Steve Vai & The Classified". "Sue Mathis on vocals and keyboards, Chris Frazer on drums, Stu Hamm on vocals and bass, Tommy Mars on keyboards and vocals".
** With a theme that's also in "Little Green men" (also shared by "The Riddle").
*** Tchaikovsky's "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" quoted.
$ Fades out.

Source: Acquired in a trade, ripped using CDEX, then converted using FLAC frontend.
[VAI AND THE CLASSIFIED] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This was my first band in California. I had recorded "Flex-Able" and wanted to start performing. It was a great band that did some funny music. It cost me every cent I had and I had to disband it. No music was ever released but many tapes of different gigs are floating around."

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