1978-08-08 - Philadelphia, PA
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1978-08-08 - Philadelphia, PA - Penn's Landing - pre-fm sbd (64m)
John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth

1) Alaska > Time To Kill (8:52) *
2) The Only Thing She Needs (7:21)
3) Carrying No Cross (9:57)
4) Forever Until Sunday (5:42)
5) Thirty Years > By The Light Of Day (ending) (9:44) **
6) Presto Vivace > In The Dead Of Night (8:42) ***

7) The Sahara Of Snow (9:37)
8) Caesar's Palace Blues (4:42)

* "Give a great Philadelphia welcome back to Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, John Wetton and Allan Holsworth...U.K.".
** "This is the end of the tour for us, I'd like to take the opportunity of thanking not only our crew Dave, Pete, Noah...".
*** Band intro: Eddie Jobson, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, John Wetton. "Thanks very much indeed Philadelphia".

Source: "1st generation DAT direct off of the open reel soundboard master tape that was used for the broadcast!".
[uk 1978-08-08 philadelphia] Flac shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"This is perhaps the best sounding U.K. show that has been moving around the trading scene over the years with the quartet lineup. Originally broadcast on WIOQ - FM radio back in '78, this is one of the great progressive rock bands ever. Eddie Jobson on keyboards & violin, John Wetton on bass & vocal, Allan Holdsworth...".

Show listed on Calyx website.

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