1978-07-18? - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
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1978-07-19 - Grosse Pointe Farms (near Detroit), MI - Punch & Judy Theater - aud (56m) (stereo low gen tape)
John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth

1) Alaska > Time To Kill (9:27)
2) The Only Thing She Needs (7:19)
3) Carrying No Cross (10:36)
4) Forever Until Sunday (5:50)
5) Thirty Years > By The Light Of Day (ending) > Presto Vivace > In The Dead Of Night (16:40) *
6) encore break applause (2:21)

7) Caesar's Palace Blues (4:41) **

* "In The Dead of Night": [cut at 12:50]. Band intro: Eddie Jobson, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, John Wetton.
** [Cut at 4:20 on applause].

Source: audience tape (unknown low generation).
[UK 19 July 78 flac16] Shared as torrent on Dime by Glasnostrd19.
TLH analysis
I recieved this in a CD trade many years ago as being 2 sets on 2 discs (both auds) from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It turns out the "second show" was actually from Cleveland, although I think it's quite likely that this "1st show" is actually from where it's supposed to be from. I haven't heard it elsewhere that I'm aware of, and this much of it is all from the same audience source recording. It is quite possible that there was only one show at this venue. It is of good quality, although it's not a broadcast or sbd recording. almost good enough to pass as one without close inspection. there is the obligatory (with a normal length UK aud recorded on a 90 minute tape) tape flip cut in the ITDON medley but otherwise it seems to be the whole show recorded in a small place.  I don't think this recording has been processed at all. sounds to my ears like it is not very "generated", maybe from a master or 1st gen. I extracted it from my CD to FLAC it, and spliced a gap in it, also spliced the tape flip (not real smoothly, but enough so there is a sembelance of continuity to it), didn't add any noise reduction EQ or speed adjusting. If I do that it's only if it really needs it and this sounds enjoyable as is so shouldn't need any remastering. (and this way anyone who wants to EQ it however they may want to won't have to do it to an already EQ'ed recording. there's always a way to improve the sound in an audience recording if one wants to and knows how to.) Some of the folks who saw UK got lucky, and saw a 70 min. or more show in 78, but most saw one of about an hour, sometimes less, on the U.S. tour, with this setlist and including the condensed BTLOD in the ITDON medley. the cut is after it goes into ITDON. This would be about an average length show for a U.S. tour show of 78 U.K. much as we wished it was maybe a half hour more.
Do not sell this recording. (that would be grossly pointless.) Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly".
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