1978-07-11 - Boston, MA
"London Wavelength Concert Hour" - BBC broadcast
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1978-07-11 - Boston, MA - Paradise Theatre - fm (51m)
John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth

1) Alaska > Time To Kill (6:17) *
2) Time To Kill (solo & coda) (3:25)
3) The Only Thing She Needs (7:47) **
4) Carrying No Cross (10:40) ***
5) Thirty Years > By The Light Of Day (ending) (10:22)
6) Presto Vivace > In The Dead Of Night (8:06) $
7) Caesar's Palace Blues (5:12) =

* "A british band who recently made a big impact with their first album, UK. The concert was recorded at the Paradise Theatre in Boston by Backstage Ltd.".
** "This is really Paradise!".
*** "One from ah next album we haven't recorded yet, it's called Carrying No Cross".
$ "Eddie Jobson on keyboards and violin...it's Allan Holdsworth on guitar...Bill Bruford on drums...and myself John Wetton".
= "More miles to the dollar, Toyota. This is Brian Matthew and I hope you join me again soon for sounds from the british concert scene in the BBC Rock Hour".

Source: cassette > cdr (Tascam CC-222 SL Mk II) > wav (EAC) > flac.
[UK - 1978-07-11 - Boston, MA] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's -
Show listed on Calyx website (broadcast live on WBCN).

Broadcast mono recording (excellent sound quality).

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