G.A.S. (Gong Appreciation Society) was born in 1977 and is still alive today serving as a network for everything concerning Gong Family (this includes the band Gong, Gong members solo activities and other related bands and artists.

From 1979 to 1999 G.A.S. , OtterSongs and 2032 labels released a huge quantity of cassettes documenting the multiple aspects of  the Gong Family musical activities.

The GAS tapes are OFFICIAL material, although some misinformed sources describe them as bootlegs.
The cassette support was affordable and "if you believe you have something to say to the world, much the best way to reach a large number of people" (Babs Kirk, 1989, from "What's Gong On" booklet).
In time, the tapes were compiled and edited by various Gong Family members: Daevid Allen, Harry Williamson, Steffie Sharpstrings, Jonny Greene, Brian "Zero" Abbott, Rob Ayling among others.

While some have surfaced in later official releases many of them constist of recordings which never made it to LPs or CDs. All of them are of great interest for Gong afecionados and original copies have become collectors' items.
With the diffusion of digital technology, cassette tapes became obsolete so GAS chose to issue all further archive releases on CD.

PlanetGong website has started to offer tapes for digital download (currently, 1988 GAS Tape).
Unfortunately on the web there is very few (and sometimes inaccurate) information about the releases.
This website is my effort to gather and share all the info I have in one place.

Read GAS History on Planet Gong website.

(Planet Gong mentions Ark Redwood as responsible for GAS 1979 to 1982, below is a note from Ark:
I can confirm that I looked after it through 1981 until Harry, Gilli & the kids left for Australia towards the end of 1982. I was living at Oxes Cross, and Harry encouraged me to deal with all the enquiries and orders etc. I don't know why it claims that I ran GAS from 1979, as it was Harry who did that. After me it was Brian 'Zero' Abbot, then Rob, and finally Jonny Green, who has expanded it enormously compared to the simple system I had in place in the early Eighties.

COMPLETE CASSETTE LIST - A list of all known GAS and Ottersongs cassettes.

GAS TAPES ILLUSTRATED TAPEOGRAPHY - An index of GAS tapes illustrated with covers.

OTHER TAPES ILLUSTRATED TAPEOGRAPHY - An index of non-GAS related tapes illustrated with covers.

You'll find individual pages for almost every GAS tape release with tons of infos and details.
Happy browsing!

WANTED - A list of GAS tapes I'm looking to buy.




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