1971-11-16 - London, UK
BBC - "Sounds of The 70's"
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1971-11-16 - London, UK - Kensington House - Studio T1 - radio (27m)
Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Phil Howard

1) Neo-Caliban Grides > All White > Slightly All The Time (20:58)
2) From A Work In Progress (6:07) *

* [Cut]

Source: Radio broacast - Unknown - SHN - wave (treated in soundforge) - flac.
[Soft Machine - 1971-11-16 - BBC] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.

"I tried to find what exact performance it could be, it seemed that it was from (according to the setlist and the playing) the BBC 1971-11-16...".
Track 1 broadcast on January 10th, 1972. Track 2 broadcast on December 20th, 1971.
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