1971-07-07 - New York, NY
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1971-07-07 - New York, NY - The Gaslight - aud (43m)
Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean

1) Neo-Caliban Grides (7:37)
2) Out-Bloody-Rageous part 1
3) Out-Bloody-Rageous part 2 (3:13)
4) vocal improv (Hope For Happiness) (3:13)
5) Eamonn Andrews
part 1 (1:11)
6) Eamonn Andrews
part 2 (6:14)
Teeth part 1 (1:23)
Teeth part 2 (7:37)
Teeth part 3 (1:16)
Pigling Bland part 1 (1:16)
Pigling Bland part 2 (1:16)
Pigling Bland part 3 (0:51)
13) Returns To The Bedroom part 1 (0:25)
14) Returns To The Bedroom part 2 (0:35)

Source: "Lineage is unknown".
[Soft Machine Live 1971 7 7] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.

July 7th to 12th 1971 shows listed on Calyx (support: Loudon Wainwright III).
The torrent also includes a single file with the whole show.

Mono audience recording.

"Interestingly, this is probably the last recorded gig with Robert Wyatt (a few other gigs are played at this same venue until july 27, which is his last gig)".
"Sorry, but the tracks arent split perfectly, and some songs are split into two parts (actually, Teeth and Pigling Bland are split in three), because the software I have only lets me split by length. If this kinda thing really annoys you, I also included a single file for the whole set".

"Sound quality is okay, but the drums are really loud, and quite muddy. Elton and Mike are sometimes rather hard to hear through it. Lots of energy here, especially in Eamonn Andrews and Teeth. Even though this is one of his last SM performances, Robert is still putting as much into it as ever, and his vocal solo in between Out-Bloody-Rageous and Eamonn Andrews is one of his very best".

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