1970-09-01 - London, UK
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - "Analysis of a session with Soft Machine" - Radio 3
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1970-09-01 - London, UK - Olympic Sound Studis - fm (27m)
Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean + Delia Darbisher, Brian Hodgson (Radiophonic Workshop), Paddy Kingsland (sound)

1) Radiophonic Workshop demonstrations / Olympic Sound session - Eamonn Andrews (27:46) *

* "There are the four members of Soft Machine: Robert Wyatt the drummer, Hugh Hopper bass guitar, Mike Ratledge keyboard and Elton Dean alto saxophone".
- "Delia Darbisher and Brian Hodgson from the Radiophonic Workshop and sound technician Paddy Kingsland (...) at Olympic Sound Studios.

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[Soft Machine 1970-09-01 BBC Radiophonic Workshop] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by propylaen.
No SBE's -
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Radio show listed on Calyx.
"Excerpt from Michael King's book "Wrong Movements": 'Analysis Of A Session With Soft Machine' is a thirty minute programme combining the initial Radiophonic Workshop demonstrations with the Olympic Sound session where 'Eamonn Andrews' was recorded with the instruments processed through a VCS3 (Voltage Controlled Synthesizer). The Olympic Sound session in question was recorded a few days earlier on August 27".

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