2007-06-28 - London, UK
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2007-06-28 - London, UK - Dingwalls - sbd (+aud?) (71m)
Daevid Allen, Keith Th' Bass, Steffe Sharpstrings, Gwyo Zepix, Steve Cassidy

1) Floating Anarchy Radio (5:51)
2) It's The Time Of Your Life (3:56)
3) Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (5:06)
4) New Age Transformation Try (10:23)
5) Poet For Sale (5:26)
6) P.H.P. (2:46)
7) Astral Alien (5:07)
8) Much Too Old (3:21)
9) intros - Change The World (5:51) *
10) Teeth (3:48) **
11) Ali Baba (14:38) ***

Encore - sbd:
12) Opium For The People (4:52)

* Band intro: Keith Missile, Gwyo Zepix, Steve Cassidy, Steffie Sharpstrings, Daevid Allen.
** Different words.
From another source (video camera). Daevid briefly teases IAO chant from "Master Builder".

Source: 'demuxed' from unreleased "Gongwalls" DVD - Sampled @ 48kHz - Should be re-sampled to 44kHz for  cd.
[PlanetGongGongwalls2007 FLACs] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by kashi63.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Date and venue confirmed by show ticket.
Show listed on PlanetGong website.
A review can be found on
Here & Now's set also circulates.
"The official release seems to have ground to a terminal halt 3 years ago now, due to wrangling...".

Artwork above is for DVD's of both Here & Now and Planet Gong's sets. Complete artwork can be found here.

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