1991-11-03 - Sheffield, UK
Maclen's archive - unreleased live audio - trading only - not for sale!
Thanks to all those who shared recordings, artwork, memorabilia and recollections of the shows

1991-11-03 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill - aud (67m)
Daevid Allen, Steffe Sharpstrings, Keith Th' Bass, Nick Danger, Andy Roid

1) Psychological Overture > Floating Anarchy # - It's The Time Of Your Life # > Stoned Innocent Frankenstein # > New Age Transformation Try # >
    Poet For Sale > The Pot Head Pixies > Much Too Old - Change The World - Teeth -
    Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit And / Or (Then) Mama Maya Mantram - Opium For The People #

Source: Traded CDR.
[float 91] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
Show listed on PlanetGong and Calyx websites.
# Officially released on LIVE FLOATING ANARCHY 1991 (GAS k7 1992 & cd 2005).
This also circulates incorrectly labeled as
"Live Floating Anarchy 1991" Gas tape. THIS IS NOT THE GAS TAPE.

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