1977-11-20/29 - FRANCE
Floating Anarchy Tours
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1977-11-20/29 - Various venues in France - aud? (27m)
Daevid Allen, KifKif Le Batteur, Steffe Sharpstrings, Keith Th' Bass, Gavin Da Blitz, Suze Da Bluze, Ano Wombat

1977-11-20 - Uckange, FR:
1) Addicted (9:17) *
1977-11-22 - Brest, FR:
2) Addicted (7:56) **
1977-11-29 - Saint Chamond, FR:
3) Floating Anarchy > "bonsoir" gliss (6:39) ***

4) Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (3:52)

* Fades in on (probably on end of jam) before intro.
** Some french words.
*** Floating Anarchy" preceded by short "Psychological Overture" intro. "C'est radio anarchie flottante direct emission...".

Source: Cassette trade - CD Wave - FLAC.
Another one from the Chippington vaults.

[Planet Gong France 1977] Shared as torrent on Dime by PJPeanutz.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This c90 compilation included most of the Brest show but apparently that was once an official release by Ottersongs so I had to remove all but one of those songs".
Brest show listed on Calyx website, which also lists a show in Uckange on November 11th 21.
Stereo recording, it sounds like it might have been taped on stage.

Gilli Smyth was present on the french leg of this tour but she's not heard on these tracks.

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