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1966-1996 - various radio ads - fm (9m)
Velvet Underground, Nico and Lou Reed radio ads

1) radio ad for VU appearance at the Trip 03 May 1966 (0:14) *
radio ad for Nico solo show 1967? (0:36) **
radio ad for Chelsea Girl LP 1967? (1:04) ***
radio ad for White Light/White Heat LP 1968 (0:39) $
review/critique of VU LP 1985 (5:26) =
6) Lou Reed's holiday message 1989 (0:30) +
Radio ad for "Best of LR and VU" LP 1995 (0:12) &
Radio ad for Lou Reed UK tour Feb 1996 (0:29) #

* "Pop goes Andy Warhol's Plastic Inevitable Show at the trip starting tonight you'll flip at the Velvet Underground and Nico the incredible light show...".
** "...The Greta Garbo of rock 'n' roll Nico of The Velvet Underground...".
*** "...The album's called Nico Chelsea Girl, a precious girl from any dimension, and at Verve we love her...".
$ "The Velvet Underground pulls no punches, get their latest album White LIght/White Heat on Verve today".
= "The Velvet Underground broke up in 1970 but now Polydor Records is rereleasing three original Velvet albums and a collection of previously unreleased tracks...".
+ "Hi, this is Lou Reed, wishing you and yours a Happy holiday season...Merry Christmas...".
& "The very best of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground".
# "Lou Reed live in Manchester, May 6 and Birmingham, May 11, for tickets call the Virgin radio directory on the orange number 0976100500...Lou Reed in concert".

Source: various trade cassettes - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - flac (level 6) - you.
[VELVET UNDERGROUND NICO LOU REED various radio ads] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by lurid_uk.
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"Some odds and ends, varying sound quality".

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