1986-03-?? - Auckland, NZ
RWP / TVNZ - "Radio with Pictures"
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1986-03-?? (broadcast date) - Auckland, NZ - RPW / TVNZ - interview - fm (5m)
Nico interviewed by Keith Tannick

1) interview (5:10)

* "...Was in town a few weeks ago an offered RWP an interview. We drew straws and in the end sent Keith Tannick & the janitors of lunacy on a mission impossible".

Source: Radio B (Auckland) FM broadcast -> TEAC C90 cassette (normal bias) Radio B -> TEAC C90 -> Protools -> AIFF -> xACT -> FLAC.
[Nico - RWP, TVNZ 1986-03-00] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by happytrader.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show not listed on Nico website.
"This interview was conducted by journalist Keith Tannick sometime during her stay in February. It was broadcast in March 1986. At the time RWP was broadcast on the nascent FM innovation in NZ as a simulcast on the student university network around NZ. So this was recorded on a small ghetto blaster, not a great quality...".

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