2002-02-23 - Minden, GE
"Chronic Tour"
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2002-02-23 - Minden, GE - Jazzclub- sbd (60m)
Benoit Moerlen, Pierre Moerlen, Hansford Rowe, Bon Lozaga

1) Gongzilla's Dilemma (6:05) *
2) Say No More (6:50) **
3) Expresso (6:45) ***
4) My Doctor Told Me So (2:13) $
5) No Pennies Please (5:29) $
6) Downwind (8:21)
7) Soli (9:28) +
8) Gongzilla (7:18) =
9) One World (1:53) &
10) Image (6:03)

* Gongzilla's version of "Golden Dilemma".
** "This next one is a Pierre Moerlen tune it's called the 'Expresso'".
*** Skip at 1:14. "Danke schoen. We're gonna leave you in the able hands of Benoit for a little marimba solo".
$ Benoit Moerlen on marimba solo, tracks yet to be recorded in studio.
+ "Benoit Moerlen (...) Pierre Moerlen (...) Bon Lozaga on guitar...I'm Hansford Rowe, I'm the bass player".
= "Gongzilla!". "...Remember we have cds for sale. Thank you Minden!
& Hansford Rowe on bass solo.

Source: no lineage.
[GZ] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - Trader's Little Helper reveals lossy source.
Show listed on Calyx.

"Here is a nice soundboard from a brief Germany tour where GZ were joined by Pierre Moerlen on
This is only the second half of the show.
The first half was not recorded".

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