1977-11-19 - Paris, FR
Fete Du Nouveau Populaire De Paris
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1977-11-19 - Paris, FR - Hippodrome - aud (21m)
Didier Malherbe, Yan Emeric, Pete Kimberley, Mico Nissim, Jano Padovani


1) Whiskers (14:37) *
2) Give A Chance To To-Morrow (6:37) **

* "Emeric guitar...Pete Kimberley bass...Mico Nissim keyboards...Jano Padovani drums...voici Bloom".
** [Cut].

Source: original recording with Sony cassette recorder (Quality B).
[Didier Malherbe Bloom 1977.11.19 Paris Nouvel Hippodrome] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by ticket above.

Show listed on
Calyx (PlanetGong, Beefheart, Orckestra, Bloom, Urban Sax).
Beefheart (11/19), Planet Gong (11/19), The Orckestra (11/19?) and National Health (11/20) sets also circulate.

Bloom performing tunes later appearing on Didier Malherbe's 1979 "Bloom" LP, way ahead of its release.

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