1975-01-09 - London, UK
BBC - BBC In Concert
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1975-01-09 - London, UK - BBC - fm (17m)
Hugh Hopper, Gary Boyle, Nigel Morris, Laurence Scott

1) Illusion (4:07) *
2) Rangoon Creeper (5:51)
3) Spanish Sun (7:44) **

* "...Opening number from Isotope was Illusion (...) this next one was written by Laurence Scott...."
Skip or cut at 5:45. Fades out.

Source: unknown lineage
[Isotope-1-9-75] Shared as torrent on Dime by Alexio1.
Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.
Date and venue confirmed by Calyx website.

"Some hiss in the background, but its not that bad.
Not sure just how incomplete this is, it fades out during the 3rd track".

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