1978-06-23 - Paris, FR
"Green" France Tour
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1978-06-23 - Paris, FR - Stadium - aud (90m) (2cd)
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy,  Christian Boule, John McKenzie, Andy Anderson

1) Saucer Surfing > Searching For The Spark > The Octave Doctors - Getting Better - The Salmon Song >
     Radio > Palm Trees
(45:02) *
2) Palm Trees - Light In The Sky - Hurdy Gurdy Man > Lunar Musick Suite > Solar Musick Suite -

   Unidentified >
U.F.O. Over Paris > Activation Meditation > The Glorious Om Riff - It's All Too Much
    (45:18) **

* Band intro after "The Octave Doctors": (Andy Anderson, John McKenzie, Christian Boule, Miquette Giraudy).
- "Radio" quotes "Master Builder" during guitar intro.
- "Palm Trees": [cut at end of tape side].

** "Palm Trees": [continues from cut].
- "Light in The  Sky": at the end there is a repeated quote of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" theme.
- "Hurdy Gurdy Man": end guitar solo played over chords later to become backing for "Getting In Tune" chorus.
- "Lunar Musick Suite": the intro theme is not played here.
- "Solar Musick Suite": only the final verse with closing solo played on opening riff.
- Introduced as "Non Identifie". "I Never Glid Before" quoted.
- "The Glorious Om Riff" aka "Master Builder".
- "It's All Too Much": encore. [Cut].

Source: Cassette > wav > flac.
[Hillage Paris 78]
TLH analysis
Date and venue confirmed by show ticket.

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Steve introduces the songs in french.
Intermitting right channel.

Needs retracking.

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