1977-mid October? - London, UK
BBC Studio
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1977 mid October? - London, UK - BBC Studio - sbd (57m)
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy,  Joe Blocker, Curtis Robertson

1) The Octave Doctors (4:06)
2) It's All Too Much (6:26) *
3) Light In The Sky (4:15)
4) Radio - band intro (7:50) **
5) Motivation (6:50)
6) Saucer Surfing > Searching For The Spark (23:21) ***
7) Hurdy Gurdy Man (5:00)

* Ends with "Aftaglid" coda and "Master Builder" quotes.
** "We have Joe Blocker...on bass guitar and other things Curtis Robertson...on synthesizer Miquette Giraudy".
*** "Searching For The Spark" includes a 4 min. drum solo at the end.

Source: Internet download (no more info).
[SH] Presented as "November 3rd 1977 - London - Rainbow Theatre".

No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Calyx website lists a mid October 1977 BBC Sight & Sound simulcast for transmission later in the month. It is unknown if this is from that recording.
Stereo soundboard (Fm? The source might be a BBC vinyl), recorded live with audience.
Lineup active Jul 77-Feb 78. Chuck Bynum left the band early Oct 1977; this narrows the timespan for the show.
This recording (differently tracked) was also shared as

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