"Rock Around The World" broadcast - show # 139
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1977-04-03 (broadcast date) "Rock Around The World" show # 139 - fm (27m)
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Christian Boule, Colin Bass, Basil Brooks, Clive Bunker, Phil Hodge

1) The Salmon Song (6:27) *
2) Hurdy Gurdy Man (7:07) **
3) Lunar Musick Suite > Meditation Of The Snake (5:49) ***
4) It's All Too Much (8:28) $

* Broadcast starts with the intro fading in.
** "I'd like to say good evening to you all, that was a song from the record Fish Rising". "More Steve HIllage in concert as Rock Around the World continues".
*** Coda only.
$ Ends with "Aftaglid" riff and "The Glorious Om Riff" finale.

Source: cassette > cdr (Tascam CC-222 SL Mk II) > wav (EAC) > flac.
[Steve Hillage - 1977-04-03 - Rock Around The World] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's - TLH analysis
Show and recording listed on Rock Around The World (show # 139 - broadcast on Apr. 3 1977).

Broadcast (radio) stereo recording ("excellent sound quality").
This recording is from an unidentified show (date?, venue?). The source is a
Hillage/Sea Level RATW vinyl record played on radio on the RATW syndicated broadcast.

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