1977-02-04 - Kansas City, MO
E.L.O.'s "A New World Record Tour Of America"
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1977-02-04 - Kansas City, MO - Municipal Auditorium - fm? sbd? (43m) torrent
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Christian Boule, Colin Bass, Basil Brooks, Clive Bunker, Phil Hodge

1) The Salmon Song (1:16) *
2) Hurdy Gurdy Glissando (11:23) **
3) Hurdy Gurdy Man (6:59) ***
4) Lunar Musick Suite (13:25) $
5) It's All Too Much (10:55) =

* [Missing most of the track]. End only.
** "Thank you! Now we're gonna do something from the record 'L'. This is called 'Hurdy Gurdy Glissando'".
*** "...Friends from Kansas City we'd like to do a song, another song from the record L". Master Builder quote.
$ In honour of the wonderful full moon of...ah...Leo in Aquarius that's happened yesterday (...) Lunar Music...".
= Includes end of previous song. [Cut at 1:00?]. Ends with "Aftaglid" riff & "Master Builder" theme.
- The M.C. at the end: "Let's have a hand like Kansas City can do it for Steve Hillage".

Source: "Pretty darn good sound quality for an audiance recording off a 20+ year old cassette".
[Steve Hillage K.C. 77] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - True lossless source.

Date and venue confirmed by Jeff Lynne Song Database.
Dated as 1977-01-?? but Rick Chafen, longtime Daevid Allen and GAS collaborator wrote this on Gong Forum: "Jay Plumb (...) just sent me a scan of his ticket for Hillage & ELO. The ticket says the event was Feb 4, 1977, a Friday night".
In my opinion this is not an audience recording but a slightly degraded stereo soundboard.

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