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1977-02-02 - KNAK Radio interview - aud (15m) +
Steve Hillage interviewed by KNAK Radio
1979-02-28 - Canterbury, UK - University Of Kent (51m) cdr
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, John McKenzie, Andy Anderson, Dave Stewart

1977-02-02 KNAK Radio interview:
1) Interview (15:45) *
1979-02-28 Canterbury, UK - Kent University:
2) Electrick Gypsies - Salmon Song # - New Age Synthesis # - Unidentified # > U.F.O. Over Paris # -

     It's All Too Much
# - Crystal City > Activation Meditation > The Glorious Om Riff
(48:35) **
3) The Glorious Om Riff (3:14) $

* Gong, members animosity, Matching Mole, Gong break, Khan & Gong, Stewart & N. Health, Rundgren, US tour.
** "Recorded at the University Of Kent in Canterbury (...) on the latest Hillage album Live Herald...".

- "Elecrick Gypsies": ends with "Salmon Song" intro riff.
- "U.F.O: Over Paris": [cut at 33:51].
- "It's All Too Much": "Aftaglid" quoted at the end.
- "The Glorious Om Riff" aka "Master Builder". [Cut].
$ Incorrectly tracked. "Steve Hillage (...) latest album Live Herald (...) for students at the University Of Kent".

Source: Traded CDR.
[1977-02-02 Steve Hillage KNAC Interview] Received as cdr in mail trade.
Track 1 is Knak 1977-02-02 interwiew. Miquette Giraudy can be heard speaking but is not interviewed.
Tracks  2 & 3: Kent University 1979-02-28 gig probably from radio broadcast; partly officially released on DVD.
# Officially released on the Live In England 1979 DVD.

Date and venue for Canterbury 1979 show confirmed by official DVD release.
Show listed on Calyx (filmed for "Rock Goes To College", broadcast Mar 10).
PlanetGong lists a show in Oxford on February 28th 1979.

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