1976-12-08 - Manchester, UK
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1976-12-08 - Manchester, UK - Palace Theatre - aud (98m) (2cd)
Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Christian Boule, Colin Bass, Basil Brooks, Clive Bunker, Phil Hodge

1) Castle In The Clouds > Hurdy Gurdy Man (8:37) *
2) Hurdy Gurdy Glissando (11:34) **
3) Electrick Gypsies (8:07) ***
4) Solar Musick Suite (16:43) $

5) Om Nama Shivaya (5:53)
6) Lunar Musick Suite (17:30)
7) It's All Too Much (5:45)
8) It's All Too Much (cont.) > Aftaglid / The Glorious Om Riff (4:22)
9)  The Salmon Song (9:43) =
Not Fade Away / I Never Glid Before (10:14) +

* Starts with "Castle In The Clouds" from "Angels Egg" on P.A.
** "Mr. Long Shanks" quoted at start.
*** "I'd like to introduce you to the band, we're known as Johnny Pyramid and the Love Cabins.
$ "The first time we ever played in Manchester Free Trade Hall (...) I've always enjoyed playing in Manchester".
- Starts with unusual guitar solo intro quoting "Aftaglid".
- "Aftaglid" final riff, "Om Riff", "Aftaglid" final riff again then ends with "Om Riff".
= Dropout-noise at 8:17 and 8:40.
+ "Never Glid Before": no verses sung, just riff and coda.

Source: Audience tape.Sony hx pro/ audio source eqone>philips cdr775> EAC>AUDACITY>FLAC8
[Steve Hillage - Manchester Dec 8 1976] Shared as torrent on Dime by Zombiwoof.
True lossless source.
Show listed on Calyx website (support:Nova).

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