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not for trade or sale
Titles below have circulated in torrent or cdr form before being officially released

1977-06-07 - Bristol, UK - Bristol Gardens - "Silver Jubilee Party" - aud (45m)
Steffe Sharpstrings, Kif Kif Le Batteur, Twink, Keith Th' Bass

NOT FOR TRADE - You can buy the official release at Kif Kif's Free Love Records.

1) Now’s The Time To Live - Fred Astaire Travels / Baba jam / The Moment Is Here (45:41) *

* [Cuts at 27:52. Fades and cut at 29:39].
- "Fred Astaire Travels": speed fluctuations for a few minutes starting after second cut.

Source: Found under his carpet by Woodland, that boy should clean his house more often ...
[Here & Now 1977.06.07 Bristol Gardens] Shared as torrent on Dime (several months before official release).
True lossless source
Stereo audience recording.
Date and venue confirmed by
Free Love Records website.
More on this show here.
Officially released on CD as part of "Here & Now - Bristol Gardens 7th June 1977".

1977-06-18 - Oxford, UK - Polytechnic - aud (88+45m) (2cd) cdr
KifKif Le Batteur, Steffe Sharpstrings, Keith Th' Bass, Twink + Daevid Allen

NOT FOR TRADE - You can buy the official release at Kif Kif's Free Love Records.

Disc 1:

HERE & NOW with Daevid Allen:
1) jam (including Bom Shiva Shaka) (22:02)
2) Help Me See The Light (20:29) *
3) jam (14:54) **
Fredest Air Travels (6:27)
5) Soviet Kommercial Radio (Floating Anarchy) (5:47) ***

Disc 2:

1) Nere & How jam (18:53) $
2) ? (18:45) =
3) ? (12:59) +
4) ? (13:46) ?

* 32 sec. overlap at start. "Ali Baba"'s "arab" final theme is repeatedly played towards the end.
** [Cut at 3:48].
*** Early version of "Floating Anarchy".
$ Ends with
a theme used on other jams (see 1977-07-07 Glastonbury and 1977-08-07 Crymych).

= Tim Blake apologizes for the delay.
+ [Fade and cut at end].
? [Fade - cut at 0:26]. Fades back in with wobbly tape. Light noises at 8:12, 9:27 10:43. Ends abruptly.

Source: Traded CDR ("Reel to reel tape, with a feed from Annies mics, quality unknown, then copied to cassette with Dolby)".
The remaining tracks on disc 2 are from Tim Blake's set (which remains unreleased).

This set also circulates with Tim Blake's set, incorrectly labeled as Feb. 2 1977.
Geoff on the Gong Forum: "All the tapes in circulation came from ours (...) 45' into the set (...) there is a bit missing where the reel of tape was changed". There is a cut on "Jam" (track 3) which occurs around the 46th which confirms this.

Date and venue confirmed by Free Love Records website.
Show listed on Dave Weller website (incorrectly as Feb 2 1977).
Recollections on this show from the Gong Forum Here & Now. More on Early1977 Here & Now.
Keith "It was the first time H&N & Daevid played together and it was thusly a somewhat fraught experience for all concerned".

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