2010-07-17 - Barnsley, UK
BOMfest 2010 (Barnsley Original Music Festival)
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2010-07-17 - Barnsley, UK - Worsborough Mill Country Park - aud (66m)
Keith Th' Bass, Gwyo Zepix, Slim Verhoef, Nik Nimbus + Nik Turner

1) intro (1:24) *
2) jam (4:39)
3) What You See Is What You Are (6:06)
4) Fantasy Shift (4:52)
5) People Get Ready
Drifting Away (6:05)
7) Cloud Surfing (10:48)
8) Ali Baba (11:44) **
9) Secrets (6:46)
10) jam (3:27) ***
11) Glad You're Here (4:59)

* "...This is Here & Now...".
** With a 4 minute intro.
*** Band intro: Gwyo Zepix, Slim "Uncle Fenster" Verhoef, Nick Nimbus, Nik Turner.

Source: Marantz PMD620 (internal mics recording direct to CD quality wav) > Adobe Audition > CDWav > TLH.
[2010-07-17 Here & Now with Nik Turner, BOMfest, Barnsley, UK FLAC] Flac torrent on Dime by mutationzone.

No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Date and venue confirmed by PlanetGong website.
Nik Turner guesting on sax and flute from track 4 to end.
Sounds from a nearby stage can be heard between songs.
Slim Verhoef (from personal email): "I think we're all dreading hearing this one.! We never got a soundcheck, had never played with Nik (this line up) he never received the setlist, and the sound man was awful! there was a bad hum before we started, to get rid of it he dropped the bottom end EQ, taking most of the Bass with it. I seem to remember the sax being out of tune!!!? oh well. warts and all eh! Was a great little festival though, everyone had a good time".

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