2008-05-22 - London, UK
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2008-05-22 - London (Camden Town), UK - Dingwalls - aud (60m)
Keith Th' Bass, Steffe Sharpstrings, Joey Hinton, Merv Pepler

1) intro jam (6:09) *
2) Love Of This World (5:45)
3) Fire In The Sky (4:36)
4) Crazy World (6:28)
5) reggae tune (6:13)
6) Turkish Toothpaste (7:40)

7) Cloud Surfing (9:52)
8) Nearer Now Here > Basil Brooks birthday (7:11) **
9) Floating Anarchy (6:29) ***

* "Good evening...I said hello...welcome to Camden Town...we are Here & Now...".
** "Tonight in the adience we have a person called Basil Brooks...of the band Zorch (...) it's Basil's birthday...".
*** With swingy middle section not in original version. Show fades out as music from P.A. starts.

Source: Flac set traded on data DVD.
[2008-05-22 Dingwalls]
Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.
Show listed on PlanetGong and University Of Errors websites (University Of Errors with Here & Now).
Pictures by Basil Brooks from this show can be found on Basil's Flickr album.

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