2003-05-29 - Leeds, UK
Floatin' Anarchy In U.K. tour
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2003-05-29 - Leeds, UK - The New Roscoe - aud (52m)
Keith Th' Bass, Steffe Sharpstrings, Steve Cassidy, Joie Hinton

1) intro > What You See Is What You Are (7:39)
Crazy World (4:08)
3) Fire In The Sky (5:25)
Rattle The Cage (4:36)
5) Love Of This World
6) Tellysong
jam (5:21)
Floating Anarchy Radio (6:13) *

9) Near & Now (7:36)

* "Ah, it's nice to be back here in Leeds again...been a long time, isn't it?".

Source: Traded cdr from taper.
[Here & Now Leeds 2003]
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"My own first attempt at recording a show using a cheap mic into a sony mini disc recorder. Sounds a bit muddy but nobody else has a copy of this show" (David).
Date and venue confirmed by show ticket (see above) and taper.
Show listed on
PlanetGong and Calyx websites (University Of Errors with Here & Now).

University Of Errors's set also circulates.

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