1997-??-?? - Devon, UK
Private party
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1997-??-?? - Devon, UK - sbd (31m)
Keith Th' Bass, Steffe Sharpstrings, Andy Roid, Steve Cassidy

1) Nude Temple Dream (8:37) *
Love Of This World (4:20)
3) Love Thing (6:31)
Bongo Jam (7:34)
Crazy World (4:00)

* Starts with music on P.A.

Source: "Soundboard - I have no more info on this recording".
[Here & Now 1997.xx.xx Private Party, Devon (SBD)] Torrent shared on Dime by Gilberto.
No SBE's - true lossless source.

"At present (Oct 2008) there is a similar, but definitely different "Nude Temple Dream" on Here & Now's Myspace player - - That one is listed as: "Nude Temple Dream was recorded at one of Tony and Fiona's infamous parties (in 1993) and features Steve Cassidy on drums, Andy Roid on synths, Steffe on guitar, and meself on Bass" by Keith Bailey".

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