1977-07-07 - Glastonbury, UK
Glastonbury Fayre
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1977-07-07 - Glastonbury, UK - Street - aud (70m) cdr
Steffe Sharpstrings, Kif Kif Le Batteur, Twink, Keith Th' Bass

1) jam (27:37)
2) stage - jam (13:14)
3) Help Me See The Light > Ali Baba (10:30)
5) Soviet Kommercial Radio (6:24)
4) stage - jam (12:56)

Source: Traded cdr.
[Here & Now Glastonbury echo]
No SBE's - TLH analysis
This version has added echo.
Show listed at Here & Now and UK Festivals (Also Corina & Friends, Desperate Straits, Nik Turner jam).

This festival was held on a woody ridge near Glastonbury, not the Pilton site.

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