1979-11-05 - Boston, MA
U.S. tour - "Mutant Music At The Modern"
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1979-11-05 - Boston, MA - Modern Theatre - aud (102m) (2cd)
Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, John Greaves

cover cover

1) introductions by Michael Bloom (3:19) *
2) Dreams Wide Awake (8:26)
3) TNTFX / Silence (9:49)
4) Seven Sisters (10:52) **
5) Squarer For Maude (15:18) ***
6) Nowadays A Silhouette (14:32)
7) The Rose Sob (14:32)
8) Toad Of Toad Hall (14:07) $
9) Toad Of Toad Hall (conclusion) (5:56)
10) Fourfold (5:38)

* "For the first time in this country, National Health!". Taper can be heard setting up and testin' his equipment.
** Part of this composition became "Foetal Fandango" in Equip'Out's repertoire.
Cut where tape flipped, cross-faded together.
$ [Cut].

Source: Aud>cass(1st gen copy)>Peak>Xact>flac.
Original audience recording by Glasnostrd (Ian Scheff).
[National Health1979-11-05] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).

"...The sound is very good despite the boominess of the hall, though not quite as good as the Squat".
Show listed on Calyx website (support: Etron Fou Leloublan).

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