1979-04-05 - Stockholm, SW
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1979-04-05 - Stockholm, SW - Mariahissen - aud (104m) (2cd)
Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle, John Greaves

Disc 1:

1) TNTFX / Silence (7:58) *
2) Squarer For Maude (14:18)
3) Nowadays A Silhouette (14:55)
4) Dreams Wide Awake  (8:28) **

Disc 2:

1) The Rose Sob (4:19)
2) Play Time (10:20)
3) Toad Of Toad Hall (19:33)
4) Seven Sisters (12:11) ***
5) TNTFX (4:22)

6) ? (7:57)

* "This is the National Health introducin' Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Pip Pyle and I'm John Greaves". Dropout at 3:31.
** Dropout at 3:53 (mic problem?).
*** The part of this composition later to become "Foetal Fandango" in Equip'Out's repertoire is not played here.

Source: Master cassettes (Maxell UD XLII) - Cool edit - Flac via Traders little helper.
[National Health Stockholm 1979] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
Show listed on Calyx website.
"This show was recorded on a rather bulky, but yet battery driven, JVC cassettetape recorder with two borrowed Shure (?) microphones. I have wanted to do something with this show for a very long time as I screwed up when I recorded it. In the darkness, just before the start of the show I managed to plug the 2nd microphone into the earphones socket. So the first set is in mono, the second in stereo (yes I realized my mistake during the intermission).
I have done no tampering with the original tape, except copying the the right channel to the left on the first set. Sound quality is OK with the encore being a little bit muffled as I got a bit boxed in when the crowd got to its feet. Still, a nice tape which I don't think I have copied more than two-three times...".

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