1975-10-?? - London, UK
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1975-10-?? - London, UK - Pathway Studios - unreleased demos - sbd? (11m) torrent
Dave Stewart, Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Phil Lee, Mont Campbell, Amanda Parsons, Bill Bruford

1) Borogoves - part 2 excerpt 1 (2:23)
Borogoves - part 2 excerpt 2 (4:11)
3) Clocks And Clouds (2:36) *
4) Tenemos Roads (2:46)

* Not the same version appearing on Missing Pieces, which used a September 1976 BBC session recording.

Source: Maxell XLII-S> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac.
[National_Health_-_October_1975_-_Unreleased_Pathway_Studios_Demos] Flac torrent on Dime by Digital_Man.
True lossless source.
"This torrent is not the full National Health Demo tape from Pathway Studios. A number of songs were legitimately released on the National Health "Missing Pieces" CD and hence have not been included here".

Studio session listed on Calyx website.

A 41 minute cdr version also circulates.

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