2000-07-30 - London, UK
The Canterbury Sound Festival
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2000-07-30 - Faversham, UK - Mount Ephraim Gardens - aud (58m)
Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett, Theo Travis, Chris Taylor, Gwyo Zepix

1) Radio Gnome Intro (1:01)
2) Foolfare > Zeroid (6:53)
3) Radio Gnome Invisible (8:00)
4) Magdalene (5:11)
5) Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell  (10:22)
6) Witch's Song / I Am Your Pussy (5:23)
7) Infinitea > The Mad Monk (7:57)
8) She Made The World (1:42)
9) Master Builder - band intro (11:36)

Source: Traded CDR.
[canterbury] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's - Trader's Little Helper detects source as lossy.
Date and venue confirmed by show poster (see above).
Show listed on
PlanetGong and Calyx websites (
Both also add: Caravan, Colosseum, Man, Arthur Brown).
Stereo audience recording.
At the beginning of the show Daevid's voice is not audible, very few low frequencies.

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