1976-08-27 - Reading, UK
"Reading Rock '76" Festival
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1976-08-27 - Reading, UK - "Reading Rock '76" Festival - aud (53m) torrent
Didier Malherbe, Francis Moze, Pierre Moerlen, Mireille Bauer, Benoit Moerlen, Allan Holdsworth *


1) Expresso (7:00)
2) Wish (5:54)
3) Esnuria (9:40)
4) Mandrake (6:31)
5) Shadows Of (3:52)
6) Percolations (15:37)
7) Gattox (5:21)

Source: Msr Aud cas>1 gen Cas >2 gen Cas>WAV>CDR>Wav>CEP2.0 for my 1999 EQ job>CDR>WAV>FLAC>You.
[Gong (Pierre Moerlin, Allan Holdsworth) - Reading Festival, Aug 26, 1976] Torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
"EQ-ed by Eeklair in 1999". Stereo audience recording.
No SBE's - true lossless source.

A 54 minute cdr version also circulates.
Date and venue confirmed by programs (see above).
Brand X's set from this Festival also circulates.
PlanetGong and UK Festivals have Aug 27 as date for Gong's performance at 3-day Reading Festival.
Calyx lists Gong for Aug 26 but seems to be incorrect.
Lots of info here.

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