2006-11-03 - Amsterdam, NL
Gong Family UnConvention 2006
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2006-11-03 - Amsterdam, NE - Melkweg - aud (45m)
Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Steffe Sharpstrings, Harry Williamson, Brian Abbott, Josh Pollock, Fabio Golfetti, Kawabata Makoto, Jerry Bewley,
Steve Higgins

1) The Seven Drones (45:13) *

* [Start cut]. "The 7 initiations of Zero, the 7 initiations of Zero...thank you for participating, it's a great!".

Source: CDR > EAC > WAV > Flac lvl 8.
[Glissando Orchestra flac] Flac set hared as torrent on Dime by Fidgee.
Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.
Officially released on DVD as Glissando Guitar Orchestrae - The Seven Drones at Gong Uncon06.

Date and venue confirmed by program (see image above).
Event listed by
PlanetGong (also: Acid Mothers Gong, Mother Gong, Hadouk, Daevid Allen unplugged, Jackie Juno, Cyndee Lee Rule, Electric Guru, Visitation, Thom the Poet, System 7, Eat Static, SlackBaba, Purusha, Toolshed Lite, Sacred Geometry, Stroking the Tail of the Bird, House of Thandoy, Visitation, Sun-Return. Troughout the weekend:- Octave Doctors Venux DeLuxe, David Id & John Newsome, Lights by Jasper of Colour Sound Experiment & Wiz de Courbe of the Planet Gong, decor by Liquid Elf. Plus launch of hardback edition of 'Gong Dreaming 1') and Calyx (Acid Mothers Gong, Classic Gong, UOE, "Stroking The  Tail Of  The Bird", Sacred  Geometry, Daevid Allen & Friends Acoustic).
Additional info for some of these shows.
Tons of pictures from the Uncon sets by Basil Brooks on Flickr, by Arnold Bresch and Cham.
A Review can be found on PlanetGong.

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