1976-10-25 - Nancy, FR
Expresso I
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- Nancy, FR - Salle Des Fetes De Tomblaine - aud (58m)
Didier Malherbe, Francis Moze, Pierre Moerlen, Mireille Bauer, Benoit Moerlen, Allan Holdsworth, Mino Cinelou

1) Expresso (7:47)
2) Wish (7:06)
3) Unreleased Track (Mandrake) (6:47)
4) Shadows Of (Esnuria) (10:16)
5) Night Illusion (7:38)
6) Improvisation (6:00)
7) Percolations Part 1 - Percolations Part 2 (Shadows Of) (11:18)
8) Expresso (reprise) (5:45)

Titles as they appear on cover (actual songs in parenthesis).
Tracklisting on cover is incorrect (see scans above).
This bootleg was shared as torrent on Dimeadozen by Maclen (speed corrected).
Stereo audience recording. Sounds slow.

Show listed on Calyx (support Isaac Guillory).


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