2009-08-14 - Bad Doberan, GE
Zappanale 20
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2009-08-14 - Bad Doberan, GE - aud (86m) (2cd)
Daevid Allen, Kawabata Makoto, Mani Neumeier, Guy Segers

1) intro (30:41) *
improvisation > Pink Lady Lemonade (34:17) **

3) encore (21:16) ***

* "I'm your GuruGuru in the PlanetGong". Fades in the first minutes or so as taper is walking towards the stage.
** Includes loops with UOE's and Captain Beefheart's voices. "Ladies & gentlemen, Acidmothersgurugurugong".
*** Includes Wes Brunson's voice from "Banana Moon".

Source: Zoom Handy H2's internal rear mics (120 degree angle mode) > WAV > FLAC.
Original stereo audience recording by YoungPumpkin.
[acidmothersgurugurugong@zappanale09] Shared as torrent on Trader's Den by YoungPumpkin.
True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by show program (see above).

Listed on
PlanetGong website.
Recordings of Steve Hillage Band (Aug 14 2009) and Gong (Aug 15 2009) from this Zappanale edition circulate.

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