1977-08-31 - London, UK
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1977-08-31 - London, UK - Rainbow Theatre - sbd (45m)
Pat Simmons, Tiran Porter, John Hartman, Keith Knudsen, Jeff Baxter, Michael McDonald

1) China Grove (4:11) *
2) Taking It To The Streets (3:44)
3) keyboard solo > It Keeps You Running (2:47) **
4) For Someone Special (cut in) (2:19)
5) For Someone Special (coda) > I Cheat The Hangman (coda) (4:57) ***
6) Little Darling (3:53) $
7) Livin' On The Fault Line (4:39)
8) You're Made That Way (3:43)
9) Black Water (4:47)
10) Take Me In Your Arms (3:41)
10) Road Angel (7:15) =

* "We were here about 3 years ago, we played on a Warner Bros. tour and there haven't been many changes there, I'm glad they opened this place back up...".
** "Thank you...ladies and gentlemen Mr. Michael McDonald".
*** Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" quoted.
$ "...Thank you, here's a brand new one...our new album released a couple of days ago over here, I think, the album is called Livin' On The Faul Line...".
= "Thank you London, you're great, we appreciate it, you're super".

Source: no lineage.
[DOOBIE77] Flac set shared as torrent (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints

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Stereo soundboard recording; sounds like it might run a little fast.
Complete artwork can be found here.

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