1973-05-31 - West Hempstead, NY
WLIR-FM broadcast
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1973-05-31 - New Hempstead, NY - Ultrasonic Studios - sbd (pre-fm?) (54m)
Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, Tiran Porter, John Hartman, Michael Hossack

1) South City Midnight Lady (5:57) *
2) tuning (1:08)
3) Clear As The Driven Snow (5:30)
4) Long Train Running (4:47)
5) Listen To The Music (4:00)
6) China Grove (3:20)
7) Rockin' Down The Highway (3:14)
8) tuning (2:02)
9) Disciple (2:52)
10) Jesus Is Just Alright > Disciple (end) (12:32)
11) tuning (2:09)
12) Without You (custom fade out starting at 6:35, recorder runs out of tape before end) (6:53)

Live on Midnight Special (source & date unknown -1973?- mono TV/radio broadcast):
13) Natural Thing (continued) (3:03) **

* "This is real Pat ok...ok, here's a tune from our new album Captain And Me...goes something like this".
** "...To the 3rd straight hit record with their new record called Natural Thing, would you please welcome back to the Midnight Special The Doobie Brothers".

Source: Unknown Silver>EAC(secure)>FLAC(6)>CD-R>EAC(secure)>Uncompressed WAV>EQ/Volume Leveling/Track 12 Fade Out(Nero Wave Editor)>FLAC(6).
[Doobie Brothers - Ultrasonic Studios (West Hempstead, NY) 1973-05-31] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by TheCommish.
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Show and recording listed on Etree database.
"This is far and away the best sounding and most well-performed show (circulating) by the original lineup. IMO, these performances show the band at it's peak as a "hard-rock" act. Those only familiar with the relatively tame studio versions of these songs will be surprised/shocked at volume and intensity...".

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