1985-10-?? - Stockholm, SW
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1985-10-?? - Stokholm, SW - Fylkingen - aud (24m)
Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins

1) Foot In Hole (6:48)
2) The Birds Of Japan
3) Bingo (5:16)
4) Man Or Monkey (1:45)
5) Batium (3:59)

No cuts occuring on music.

Source: Trade CD-R> EAC>Computer WAV>Cool Edit Pro 2000 (track separation)>TLH v2.4.1>FLAC 8>DIME>you.
[Skeleton Crew - 1985-10-xx Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden] Torrent shared on Dime by Jschmoe.
No SBE's - TLH analysis
Stereo audience recording.

"Big thanks to the original taper, and to the trader who hooked me up with a copy.
The only thing I did to this was move track marks how I like 'em, and trim start/end blank filler.
All audio is as it was when I got it; I see some red-peak clipping going on, but I didn't try to clean that up.

I don't know the specific date of the show, that was not provided when I got my copy. Crank it up and ENJOY! it as I have, and share it so others can hear it".

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