1985-03-09 - Zurich, CH
Taktlos Festival '85
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1985-03-09 - Zurich, CH - Rote Fabrik - aud (73m)
Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Georgie Born, Vicky Aspinall, Sally Potter, Phil Minton

cover cover

1) Seeing Red (3:58)
2) Iceland > The Banker's Song (8:53)
3) The Empire Song (2:45)
4) intro to Plate Dance > Plate Dance (14:34)
5) Stich Goes The Needle > impro > A Young Lady's Vision (7:54) *

6) Lots Of Larks > General Strike (4:23)
7) ?? The Song of The End Of The Earth (3:14)
8) The Chartist Anthem > Cholera (11:12) **
9) In The Dark Year > No Missiles (12:03)
10) Anno Mirabilis (4:42)

* "London in 1851 you, this particular is you might be interested to know that at this exhibition was shown for the first time a prototype of the Swiss army knife".
** "The first piece it's called In The Dark Year, this comes from a record that Chris Cutler got together as a benefit for the minors in England".

Source: Dime post by 'chemako' id#145477, thanks !! - no longer on tracker - from the original MC > CD-r > flac > dime.
Original audience recording by Claudio.
[Cooper_Cutler_Born-Zurich-1985-Remastered] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by TomP.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This was a super recording which had very obvious phasing (balance hard right, little stereo image), a fair bit of noise and discontinuities between tracks, so I fixed all these and did a fair amount of further tidying up...".

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