1977-02-25? - Milano, IT
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1977-02-25? - Milano, IT - Teatro Lirico - sbd (87m) (2cd)
Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Lindsay Cooper, Georgie Born

Disc 1:

1) Teenbeat (9:57) *
improvisation > Ruins > Bittern Storm Over Ulm > ? (35:59) **

Disc 2:

1) improvisation > Terrible As An Army With Banners > A Separate Function (23:17)
2) tuning - Living In The Heart Of The Beast (the instrumental version) (18:10)

* Fades out.
** Fades out with end of side 1 of tape.

Source: Dime download - SBD>Master cas>behringer equalizer>audio cdrw750>cd>Plextools - Editing - Transfer.
[Henry_Cow-Milano-25-02-77 remix] Shared as torrent shared on Dime (unsigned info).
True lossless source.
"This is an edited / remastered post, with the encouragement of original poster '38f', of the Henry Cow Concert from Teatro Lirico, Milano Feb 25th 1977. The original version was a difficult listen...".
Calyx website dates this show as February 21st 1977 and lists a show in Torino, Italy on February 25th 1977.

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