1993-02-22 - Perth, AU
Festival Of Perth - ABC Radio broadcast
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1993-02-22 - Perth, AU - fm (28m)
Fred Frith (solo)

1) improvisation with introduction (28:47)

* "...Festival Of Perth in conjunction with the Perth Jazz Society here tonight to introduce this artist (...) Fred Frith".

Source: ABC radio FM direct broadcast > cass > cd spin doctor > powerbook G4 > ...
[frith1993-02-22.FM.flac16] Torrent shared on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"Very nice performance - received as FLAC files in trade with 2/23/1993 as date and lineage noted above. I believe that date to be in error and have since confirmed with trader/taper. 2/22 is correct. - folks at Etree also have it listed as 2/22".
Show listed on Perth Jazz Society website (also Horvitz Morris Previte and Robin Holcomb).

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