1982-09-17 - New York, NY
Maclen's archive - unreleased live audio - trading only -
not for sale!
Thanks to all those who shared recordings, artwork, memorabilia and recallections of the shows

1982-09-17 - New York, NY - Aimi-Loft - aud (31m)
Fred Frith, Derek Bailey

1) track 1 (31:27) *

* Fades and cut.

Source: hanwaker transfered from analog to wav > flac.
"a magmasystems archive cassette".
[frith bailey 1982-09-17 excerpt] Torrent shared on Dime by Hanwaker.
True lossless source.
"1 long continious piece 31.30 - again it is quite well recorded... i some times get the idea that gordon used a reel-machine for
the masters-- all cuts are due to cassette flips  but he would not bother to re-cue and make overlaps...".

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