1981-10-26 - New York, NY
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1981-10-26 - New York, NY - P. A. S. S. - aud (90m) (2cd) torrent
Fred Frith, Hans Reichel

cover cover

1) Hans Reichel solo (11:13)
2) Hans Reichel solo (7:25)
3) Hans Reichel solo (10:19)
4) Fred Frith solo (19:23)
5) Frith & Reichel (32:49) *
6) Hans Reichel solo (9:44)

* [Cuts at 32:15, 32:29 and 32:47].

Source: 2nd generation aud cassette>Peak>Xact>flac.
[FrithReichel1981-10-26] Torrent shared on Dime by Stefan67.
"Great Caesars Ghost! I'd forgotten what a great show this was, and what a great recording this is. Some really beautiful stuff from both these guys. -
The hum you hear at various points is not a defect in the recording, its coming from Freds rig".
No SBE's - TLH analysis

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