1979-01-23 - Tokyo, JA
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1979-01-23 - Tokyo, JA - Koseinenkin Hall - fm (59m)
Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward, Dave Sinclair, Mel Collins, Richard Sinclair, Jan Schelhaas

1) announcer intro (0:39)
2) Unevensong
(coda) (3:17) *
3) Song Within A Song (7:17) **
4) The Sleeper (5:33)
5) Supertwister (4:11) ***
6) Tell Me (5:09) $
7) Rhayader / Rhayader Goes To Town (9:48) ***
8) La Princesse Perdue (5:45) =
9) Echoes (6:39)
10) Never Let Go (11:05) +

* Broadcast starts with coda. "Many thanks and welcome to this last of our Camel concerts in Japan...".
** "...Something from Mirage, also an instrumental featuring Mel and Andy which is called Supertwister...".
*** With annoying japanese radio voiceover throughout.
$ Japanese radio voiceover. "Music based on a story by an american writer called Paul Gallico...".
= The voiceover nightmare continues! [Cut at 4:42].
+ [First guitar notes cut]. "Richard Sinclair on bass". Ends with Japan radio announcer.

Source: "This is an off-air recording of a stereo radio broadcast in Japan, complete with some announcer intros".
[Camel 1979-01-23 Tokyo radio] Shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"There are two sources for this concert; a complete audience recording, and this incomplete radio broadcast. - Sound quality is pretty good, not pristine, but clear, dynamic and undistorted with minimal hiss".
Show and recording listed on Scottstrades website.

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