1976-09-20 - Helsinki, FI
Finnish National Radio YLE fm broadcast
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1976-09-20 - Helsinki, FI - Kulttuuritalo - fm (51m)
Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward, Mel Collins

1) Song Within A Song (7:29)
2) The Great Marsh (1:54)
3) Rhayader (3:14)
4) Rhayader Goes To Town (6:30)
5) Supertwister (3:43)
6) Chord Change
7) Nimrodel / The Procession / White Rider (9:05)
8) Lunar Sea (9:17)
9) Preparation (2:34)
10) Dunkirk (1:51) *

* [Cut at 1:25].

Source: "This 'Hogweeds' remaster is based on a low-generation analogue source via a traded CDR".
[Camel 1976-09-20 Helsinki] Shared as torrent on Dime by Hogweeds.
TLH analysis - Fingerprints
"The original recording is mono; even if the broadcast was originally FM stereo, the radio reception of the taper doesn't seem to have been. So I have simply reduced to mono, which gets rid of some dropouts...".
Show and recording listed on Scottstrades website (First documented recording with Mel Collins).

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