1976-06-26? - San Francisco, CA
KSAN fm broadcast
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1976-06-26? - San Francisco, CA - Boarding House - fm (71m)
Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward

1) Aristillus (tape) (1:39) *
2) Song Within A Song (7:48) **
3) The Great Marsh (1:52)
4) Rhayader (3:25)
5) Rhayader Goes To Town (6:04)
6) Air Born (5:09)
7) Chord Change
8) Procession / The White Rider (9:52) ***
9) Lunar Sea (9:50)
10) Preparation (3:32)
11) Dunkirk - encore call (8:03) $

12) Another Night (6:56) =

* Fades in.
** "So, thank you very much, thanks a lot, that was a couple of tunes from our new Moon Madness album...".
*** "This is KSAN San Francisco".
$ Light skips at 1:04 and 4:05.
= "You've been listening to Camel live from The Boarding House brought to you...".

Source: "From a 3rd-generation tape in the custodianship of David D, radio broadcast researcher and collector".
[Camel 1976-06-26 SF] Shared as torrent on Dime by Hogweeds.
TLH analysis - Fingerprints
"This recording is one of the best documents of the band's 'Moonmadness' tour. Date is usually credited as 26th June, but 23rd is also mentioned. After their UK tour in support of the new album, Camel made a brief visit to the US, and this concert was recorded for FM radio broadcast. The set is similar to what they were playing at the time, with 'Another Night' instead of 'Lady Fantasy' being played as encore. Note that Mel Collins is not present on this recording....".
Show and recording listed on Scottstrades ("THE Camel show w/the most shifting dates". June 23rd? June 26th?).

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