1974-11-19 - New York, NY
1st American tour - WQIV broadcast
Maclen's archive - unreleased live audio - trading only - not for sale!
Thanks to all those who shared recordings, artwork, memorabilia and recollections of the shows

1974-11-19 - New York, NY - Electric Lady - fm (51m)
Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward

1) Arubaluba (6:45) *
2) White Rider (10:37)
3) Six Ate (6:39) **
4) Lady Fantasy (13:03) ***
5) Homage To The God Of Light (14:02)

* [Cuts in on intro].
** "you're listening to the Camels, the mighty Camels and we'd like to carry on with a number off our album Mirage".
*** [Cuts in on intro]. Repaired tapeswitch.

Source: beautiful early FM from tape.
[camelny1974] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by adamski55555.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
"Had a lot of work on this; pitch shifted, eq. and changed the order of   songs acc. to".
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